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Unlike them, We have a Semi-Professional team: Petar Segrt

Speaking at the pre-match press conference, Maldives head coach Petar Segrt said that, He has a huge respect for the Indian team and It’s going to be a good game tomorrow. He also said, it’s going to be a final between eleven Maldivians against eleven Indians and that will be the chance for his team to win the final.

Maldives reached final beating Nepal in semifinal to advance into the final of SAFF Suzuki Cup 2018.
Maldives who failed to score a goal in group stage, scored three times against inform Nepal in the semifinals.

“Unlike India who has almost 1.3 billion population, Maldives is a small country with very less population. We have like 300 registered players and We have semi professional squad. Most of them work eight hours a day in their respective office and then, they come to practice and play football. They do lots of hard work everyday and I am very proud of my players and coaching staffs. Because of them we are in the final.” He added.

You can’t compare Maldives and India in football. Unlike them, we have a semi professional team

Maldives Captain Akram Abdul Ghanee said, They will do everything to win this trophy for the people of Maldives and for the Nation. He also said they are very well prepared and the team is ready for tomorrow’s game.

Maldives lost the final against Indian U23 side on penalties in 2009.

SAFF Suzuki Cup Final will start tomorrow at 6:00pm Maldivian time.

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