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It’s time for Shakittey and Aslam to take the lead

Segrt has failed miserably as the national team coach of Maldives. Under his leadership, Segrt believed that beating Bhutan 7 – 0 in Maldives was a huge success. Bhutan has never defeated Maldives and to think that beating Bhutan was a huge success shows how miserable coach Segrt has been. Most Maldivians have shown their frustration with Segrt on social media after Maldives was forced to toss a coin to qualify to the semi-finals. Maldives did not score a goal and did not manage a win in SAFF Championship this year. A first for Maldives. With the failure in SAFF Championship, Maldives cannot be considered as the region’s second best team.

This is a free advice to Football Association of Maldives (FAM): To avoid a humiliation and to follow the Maldivian hearts and demands of the general public and to save the losing fan base of Maldives football, please sack Sergt.

Maldivians do not trust Segrt at the helm and it’s now time for Shakir (Shakitttey) and Aslam to take the lead. Shakittey is the current assistant coach of national team and is in the back seat during the tenure of coach Peter Segrt and Aslam has been an instrumental goal keeping coach with excellent track record and experience.

It was proven during the first match against Sri Lanka, when Maldives needed a win to gurantee a spot in the finals, Coach Segrt decided to bring on Riham Abdul Ghanee (Bobby). Shakittey was briefing Ibrahim Mahudhee Hussain (Feydhoo Ibbe) and Asadullah Abdullah (Assako) about the positional plays and Bobby was only at the bench at that time. Bobby was substituted to replace Dhaadhu as the central striker without any warm up and to a position which he never played. Coach Segrt was shouting numerously asking Bobby to move into central positions and after numerous occasions, coach finally decided to bring on Feydhoo Ibbe and Assako. Clearly from the facial expressions of Shakkittey in the bench, he was left frustrated.

From behind the scenes its proven that Shakittey and Aslam knows players much better than Segrt and positional plays. Coach Segrt needs to step down and give the helm to the more capable coach Shakir and Aslam as soon as possible to avoid another humiliation to the Maldives national football team. FAM and coach Segrt needs to consider this as soon as possible.

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