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Quarter finalists confirmed

The eight quarter finalists of ongoing Club Maldives Cup are now confirmed with quarter finals to be played on Sunday.

In the round of 16 games, WAMCO beat STELCO by 1-0 while STO and Prison came out victorious after a tense shoot out against Customs and HDC respectively.

United BML best AVSECOM by 7-0 and MPL bear DSC on penalties. Greater Male’ Industrial Zone Ltd beat Maldivian on penalties and Ooredoo beat Police by 2-1.

In the quarter finals on Sunday at 16:30 WAMCO will face STO and at the same time Prison will face Immigration. Winners of these games will face in the first semi final.

At 20:15 United BML will face MPL and Greater Male’ Industrial Zone Ltd will face Ooredoo.

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