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FAM can’t escape from club licensing blunder

It’s clear that no club from Maldives will take part in next year’s AFC Cup. The topic of clubs not submitting necessary documents for club licensing had its heated argument within football community. FAM was quick to try to clear their names from any wrongdoing and pointing fingers at clubs. But the truth is different.

FAM pays more than MVR15,000 per month to a staff designated as Club Licensing Officer and she has taken part in club licensing courses/workshops conducted by Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Her capacity as an administrator at an organization like FAM, we don’t know but we do know she is married to a senior official of FAM. In other words her boss is her husband.

AFC has been working with member associations for the past five or more years in this club licensing and the person designated in FAM for this task must take full responsibility if clubs failed to meet AFC criteria or failed to submit the documents on time.

She must also go on media to inform the public the consequences Maldives clubs will face in failing to submit the documents, if she fears clubs are behind the schedule.

Maziya submitted all the documents in time and the club licensing officer at FAM missed the deadline to press a button in the AFC system to send the documents to AFC.

If this is true by any chance, there is no way the new government’s sports policy on football will be executed with these bunch of irresponsible people at FAM.

The new government as well as the football community needs to think seriously now.

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