Days are numbered for Bassam and his failed administration

Football Association of Maldives (FAM) is heading towards a new administration. The current administration has lost support of the clubs and football community for a long time. They have survived this long only because they have full backing from previous government.

FAM is accused of allowing pro-government activities to run within their premise during last year’s presidential campaign. Now that country’s biggest football brand, New Radiant, take initiative to call for an extraordinary congress to be held with support from majority of clubs, FAM president Bassam is left with no choice but make an illegal move of suspending the club.

The way FAM is behaving recently it is not a surprise act. They have recently tweeted a statement that is so embarrassing to the organization itself and is in war with current Youth and Sports minister for a while. A fight Bassam and co believed will win if they find a route to the President’s Office bypassing the minister but so far it seems they have failed in that as much as they have failed in developing football in the country.

FAM is a failed institute with no clear objective of where they want to take our football.

It seems that Bassam’s beloved “most powerful man” is unable to save him this time. Bassam may think he is popular within football community but in truth he is the most hated person. Only a handful people are backing him right now and the stupid actions FAM taking recently is a proof of that.

The days are numbered for Bassam and his failed administration


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