Is Segrt another holiday coach?

The white sandy beaches, blue lagoons and world class hospitality are what attract top celebrities to our tiny island nation. Number of well known celebrities visit Maldives every year and spend millions to enjoy their time in this world famous tourist destination. Well, there are some who also enjoy Maldives without spending a penny but rather earning millions while they enjoy their “break”.

Every now and then Maldives hires foreign coaches in the hope of leading the nation to glory. Very few achieve that feat but most of them, especially relatively older coaches grab the opportunity of becoming the head coach to bring some of his trusted allies or friends to enjoy the luxurious beaches of the Maldives.

In other words, they consider the job we gave them in high hopes only as a retirement package. They lack the energy and will to improve the players but feed their employer with false hopes and promises.

These coaches are more like philosophers and given the opportunity to express themselves they misuse it and set unrealistic but dreamy targets.

These coaches will do anything they can to save their jobs, be it to become a clown of their employer or constantly drilling down what most supporters would want to hear in press conferences.

They don’t mind axing players their employer fears most for various reasons be it not supporting them in an election or have some personal grudges due to his personal achievements or being too vocal to criticize them.

These coaches have no sensible reason for axing such players and as a result their reasons keep on changing every time they talk about it. But they don’t mind. They don’t mind the game their players are playing. They don’t mind the results. Because they only care about their job and keeping their employer happy.

They simply have nothing to achieve or nothing to show at the end of their contract anything other than memorable photos of them spending time on beaches and resorts where world’s top celebrities also enjoy.

Is Petar Segrt a holiday coach? Soon we will find out.

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