Segrt – Another lab experiment in the long run FAM drama

We see a lot of news headlines these days by the Football Association of Maldives (FAM). As soon as Maldives youth teams suffer humiliating losses, we see news headlines claiming that FAM technical teams holding trials in Addu for youth teams, blaming the past organisations. After one trial, there is no new information of a trial.

Then came the mighty project, the football academy to develop young talents. A foundation block was laid and again FAM goes into silence! News media headlines for sure!

On the contrary, after Segrt’s uninformed, misbehaved, illtreated start of his career in the Maldives by omitting Ashfaq without giving him a chance to be heard, FAM remained silent. After repeated media and public outcry, FAM President Bassam Adeel Jaleel then informed that he would meet Ashfaq with the coach. There was no concrete information of a meeting and the outcome of the meeting.

Then came this big saga! A player who is in his top form, the top-scorer and Maldives footballing legend is omitted from the squad claiming he is too old. Even if he is too old, a player who scored more than the foreign players in the league, who scored several in the AFC Cup in this year, could share his experience with the young! The reasons shared by the coach which he himself disputed 100 odd days ago, is not debatable as it doesn’t make any sense!

But the real question is why the ill-treatment by the Football Association of Maldives to the king of Maldivian football? If a coach omits someone who is at the top of his form, the leading scorer and he is omitted for any reason, would dare to speak to him at first. Nothing at all! Is this a personal attack for his lack of support during FAM elections or beyond that?

In this case, sad to say, Segrt who is notoriously famous for his off-the pitch tactics is used as an experiment by his bosses to destroy the king of Maldives football! – Ashfaq.

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