FAM not impressed with New Radiant’s remarkable win

New Radiant’s win against Bengaluru yesterday not only helped the club to finish on top and reach second round of AFC Cup but also they have given hope to frustrated supporters that Maldivian football is not dead yet.

But shockingly this remarkable 2-0 win has not been recognized by Football Association of Maldives (FAM) in any of their key social media platforms.

Two days prior to the game FAM tweeted about opening of 3 mini grounds and in the morning of AFC Cup match day FAM updated phone number in their facebook page. All that indicates their social media person or team is very much active.

Despite local and international media praising New Radiant for beating India Super League runners up, our football governing body is simply not impressed.

3 thoughts on “FAM not impressed with New Radiant’s remarkable win

  1. The deafening silence from the governing body of football speaks volume of an edifice in utter mess. No wonder the place is fast losing its credibility and in fact their inefficiency has only recently been reiterated by their handling of Ashfaq saga. How they have let this episode to play out in the full glare of media, and to tarnish the image of the most decorated player of Maldives only lend weight to the rumors doing the rounds. Some people in the football family are desperate to get rid of certain players from national team. Even though their usefulness is not outgrown. Even though they are national icon, inspiration to thousands of youngsters looking for their heros.

  2. What did you expect, they are politicans.It’s is in their DNA to score political points where ever opportunity arise.So here is an interesting fact, who elects the President of FAM. That’s right, reperentives from clubs. Who is to blame? Clubs including New Radiant. They are getting what they deserve.stop complaining.

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