TCL wins Club Maldives Cup

Thilafushi Corporation Limited (TCL) has won this year’s Club Maldives Cup after beating Maldivian 4-1 in the final.

TCL, the hot favorites for this year’s title, continued their stunning form in the final and rewarded with majority of individual awards also won by their players.

TCL beat HDC in the semi final and Maldivian beat MPL to reach the final.

Best Supporting team: Club TCL

Fair Play Player – Mohamed Faasir(J.12, Ooredoo)

Fair Play Team: Club MTCC

Top Scorer: Mohamed Liyahi (J.10, Club TCL)

Promising Player: Naaif Shafeeq (J.3, dhiraagu)

Best Coach: Ahmed Irufan, Club TCL

Top 5 Players

– Mohamed Riffath (J.5, TCL)

– Mohamed Liyaah (J.10, TCL)

– Ismail Fathih (J.21, TCL)

– Hussain Afsal (J.10, Maldivian)

– Abdulla Shaffaan (J.11, Maldivian)

Man of the tournament: Mohamed Liyahi (J.10, Club TCL)

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