Ashfaq’s legacy will remain forever

Ashfaq has been dominating Maldivian football headlines for number of years. Many prominent players have come and gone during that period and their successes were overshadowed by a player far far better than the rest.

Ashfaq has achieved everything and more a Maldivian footballer of his generation can only dream of. Some of the past players know the number of goals they scored in a season could have easily won them the golden boot for top scorer if Ashfaq was not around.

His achievements and influence in Maldivian football are unmatched and accusations are that some have been looking for a moment to get rid of him just to be on the spotlight. And their moment came in the name of Petar Segrt.

To do this the management team responsible hand picked few players and they were presented to Segrt as difficult, arrogant players who have too much influence over the team and we are witnessing the results today. They are being portrayed as the culprits of Maldivian football by some narrow minded fools, who appears to simply be a mouthpiece for the team behind the fiasco. Their return is free tickets to cover national team games played abroad, even though they rarely watch a local football game.

No matter how they treat Ashfaq one thing they cannot change is Ashfaq’s legacy in Maldives

His legacy will remain etched in Maldivian football history forever for what he has achieved and done.

3 thoughts on “Ashfaq’s legacy will remain forever

  1. Ashfaq will remain, forever, a benchmark by which future players will be gauged in their all round performances. It is unlikely we will have another player of his calibre, his goal exploits and trickery anytime soon. He is of a special kind. The fact that there is a section of football fraternity to get rid of him, to obliterate his legacy only shed a light on our typical Maldivian way of life. We don’t have the capacity to appreciate people when they are not at their best, the services they have rendered when one reaches the twilight of his career. We forget them. They don’t exist. We live for now. Here. For the moment. That is our mantra in life. But one thing for certain is history will be kind, he will be judged as an extraordinary player who brought smiles to generation of Maldivians at a time when Maldivian football was spiraling into a crisis of political upheaval. Time will however tell the bigger picture. From a very humble background, in a difficult childhood without a father to come come this far is incredible. At the end of the day there is one very proud mother who will see her sacrifices have all not gone in vain. Likewise many of his fans will stand by him no matter what, and for them he is phenomenon. A man of steel!

  2. Nothing will remain forever
    when we heard and saw Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo Ronaldinhowe thought they are best and no one will be better than them
    Now we see Messi Ronaldo, Neymar we knew there will be better players

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