TC ready for the final battle 

TC Sports are only one step away from seizing their first international trophy following their successful journey in the ongoing Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup in Bangladesh. TC Sports will face FC Pocheon of South Korean on Friday afternoon. 

Prior to the departure for the invitational tournament, TC Boss Mohamed Nizam had declared his target was nothing other than the trophy. And his side has made it just a step closer to the first international trophy unbeaten in the whole tournament; winning the group stage and also the semifinal. 

Speaking about tomorrow’s match, Nizam said his side is fully prepared and has no worry of any injuries. He is looking forward to display the strongest side against Pocheon who has also faced them in the group stage. 

“After learning from previous games including the semi final we have prepared the game plan based on the best tactics to weaken their strength and to attack to their weakness”. 

“They are a good side technically”

“With due respect to the opponents we have planned to win”

TC reached semi final with 7 points in three games and beat Nepal side Manang by 1-0 in the semi final.

Photo: SKICC official Facebook page

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  1. Nice to see a maldives club, a club that was playing in the second division as recently as 2014, at the final of an international tournament. That is progress at lightning pace, so here we are. They will have to make the most of this opptunity. If the players can steer clear of the usual fatalities they succumb into as so often at the final hurdle such as losing composure in the final third or fail to utilize the chances that come their way, panic defending, losing the shape and failing to stick to the tactics, we are doomed. Also we must remember unlike others TC has faced, this Korean players by nature are fast-paced, agile, very good at short passing. So we have to be ever vigilant. Even a little drop in concentration can be the fatel blow. Here is hoping for a positive result.

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