Blunder after blunder!

Football Association of Maldives released a statement a few days back with regards to the registration of Milandhoo’s defender Mohamed Nizam in three clubs during this year after TC Sports Club filed the case. But the underlying issue with the problem is a huge administrative failure by FAM. They have been hit by pundits and supporters of football in the Maldives again and again for failure of administrative matters.

Football Association of Maldives continues to be one of the least transparent football organisation in the region. The only thing that’s been updated is their facebook and twitter page with results of the games (more like a media outlet). Their website registered in FIFA.com was last updated in 2016 when previous president Ahmed Thariq was elected. So, what really happens in Football Association of Maldives remains with them. However, our tax money is being funneled into this group and this has to be accounted for.

Going back to the current issue, according to various media outlets with regards to Milandhoo’s players’ registration, the regulation says (which we have not seen) a player cannot be registered for three clubs in a calendar year. Nizam was registered at the beginning of this year for BG Sports Club as a non-amateur player during the second division. However, Valencia also registered the player in the beginning of the season and with the AFC. We should assume that Valencia would have got transfer documents from BG Sports Club before they are able to register the player in AFC Cup squad and subsequently in Male’ League. So there is every reason for us to believe that Valencia (the current FAM president was the chairman of Valencia when he ran for presidency), followed all rules applicable under FAM and AFC. So, now according to the media release, BG Sports Club who have no authority to the player following the decision for him to play in Valencia gave release to Milandhoo Sports Club and they have again registered the player in Football Association of Maldives. However, who does registration? Football Association of Maldives! So how can a player be registered and be eligible to play for the whole of first round and second round of Dhivehi Premier League. Without full transparency of the decision by Football Association of Maldives, we would never know why they took the decision irrespective of written laws. There’s no reason for Milandhoo to be penalized. They submitted all the transfer documents according to regulations of Football Association of Maldives.

This is not the first-time FAM suffered administrative blunders. Maldives head coach Stuart was left in an embarrassing situation when he had to name Ziyazan in the bench without a single practice, because FAM failed to change registration within the due dates.

Football Association of Maldives needs to be transparent, not only for the betterment of football, but to keep public’s trust – a must to increase the fan base of our already fading market. It has to prove that it can take fair and unbiased decisions based on the ‘laws of the game’, but not on the laws of made to protect its leaders.



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