Strong accusations from Shaaz 

Former BG Sports coach Shaaz, who has been at the helm of Victory until today, accused newly appointed Victory coach Ali Suzain that he used his influence to win the hot seat of one of the most successful clubs of Maldives. 

Victory appointed Suzain as their head coach today but right after that press conference, Shaaz stormed into the room to release his anger against Victory for their role in the matter.

“First of all, I have not been informed of my termination as club’s coach. Even yesterday I had training with the players” Shaaz started in the press.

“I am very surprised to hear this announcement of a new coach”

Shaaz directed his anger towards his successor stating he ifluenced the board to appoint him as the coach.

“Suzain influenced the board to make this decision mostly because he is jobless and Victory squad is strong” Shaaz said.

“This is 100% my selection of players both local and foreign. Suzain knows that with this squad he can win silverware. The team is already in good shape” 

“This is a very unprofessional and unsportsmanlike decision by the club” Shaaz concluded.

Shaaz was at the helm of BG Sports last season and the club finished bottom of the league and relegated to second division. 

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  1. This does not look good. Did Suzain really wield his influence to win over the post of Victory coach while they already have one in Shaz. If you go by his word, he came to learn of his dismissal from media – that the whole thing was hatched behind his back, while he was attending to his work calmly and without so much as a finger of disapproval from the top hierarchy of Victory SC.

    Question is how could Victory, of all clubs, who loves locals as their coach, treat upcoming and budding coach so brazenly?

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