Sekulovski speechleass after last minute blow

Maziya SR boss Marjan Sekulovski was lost for words as his side collapsed against Bengaluru FC today in the AFC Cup. Maziya SR was left heartbroken after the 94th minute goal by John Johnson at the cost of a mistake by Maziya’s Goal Keeper Pavel Matiash.

Sekulovski, who was left literary in tears after the match said that the only thing his side can now do is learn from the mistake and try not to repeat it.

“What can I say? It was an unlucky situation for us. This happens in football”.

“Just need to learn something from this match and try it will not happen again”.

Despite losing the game in the last minute, Sekulovski was happy with the performance of his side. According to him, his boys did everything they could do.

“I am proud of my team. I congratulate them for the hard work”.

As Maziya lost today’s game, they are now placed in the third position of group E. Bengaluru FC is leading the point table while, Mohun Bagan is oon the second. Dhaka Abahoni is placed on the bottom of the group. Maziya will travel to Kolkata for their next encounter in AFC Cup.

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