Nothing to worry says Suzain

Victory Sports Club Coach Ali Suzain says he is not yet under pressure despite two consecutive defeats in the opening two games of Male’ League. Victory lost their opener against new comers Green Street and the second match today against rivals New Radiant. 

Speaking after the match against New Radiant, Suzain insists that there is nothing to worry yet and his side will surely come back. 

“I am not under pressure. There is nothing to worry yet, and I am confident that we will come back”. 

Victory today lost against rivals New Radiant by three goals to one in which New Radiant was the dominant side. Suzain said that his side was way too unorganized and nothing went right against New Radiant. 

“As long as I am in-charge, players dont have to be under pressure. I will handle the pressure”. 

Victory will face Club Eagles in their next match on next weekend.


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  1. What a double whammy for Suzain, on the night his peer rewrote maldives football history book in Bangladesh he is on the end of yet another big setback suffering two consecutive defeats with his beloved club. Cannot begin to say how chastening an experience this must be!

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