TC targets to top their group

TC Sports who has already secured a spot in the semifinal of Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup in Bangladesh is aiming to top the group as they face the final group stage match today. 

TC Sports will face FC Pocheon of South Korean who is currently in the second position of group A. Avoiding a defeat will give TC the first place of group A. 

Speaking about todays match, Coach Mohomed Nizam said that his side aimed to top the group to get advantage in the semifinal. Group A winners will face runners up of group B.  

“We will target for a win as we are aiming for the advantage in the semi”.

According to Nizam, who has won all six points from the first two games, there will be few changes in the starting line up today as they have some serious issues of injuries. 

“Yaanbe, Shamveel, Azzam and Aiham will start today”. 

“We have two injuries. Team captain Ali Nafiu and central defender Inshaad will not play due to injuries”.

Even though two key players are injured, Nizam has done his homework on FC Pocheon. 

“I have seen their performance in two games and comparing the last two opponents (we played) they are quick and speedy”. 

“They are also good with ball technic and in attack they are organized”

“But we have learned the weakness and we will focus on them. Also we play as a team rather than individuals and this will be the strength we use against them”.

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  1. Ideally, even if it is to pursue the top spot in the group, it is advisable to exercise maximum caution as far as first team players are concerned. You don’t want them suffer an unnecessary injury when the matches are every couple of days apart.

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