Talked about building a team for future but acts the opposite

First it was about building a team for the future, which was interesting and encouraging but then invited a retired 37 year old to join the squad.

Then omitted one of the most promising players of recent times, Naaiz Hassan of Maziya for a friendly against Singapore.

Upon returning from Singapore, the coaching team who omitted Naaiz suddenly see he is good enough to be picked up for the team that will play Bhutan this week.

Then came up the case of Ashfaq, a 32 year old legend in Maldives football. Ashfaq has been a media shy player and we all know that but it is yet to be known that the message of him appearing with the coach in the press conference was well communicated with him.

Well, the most important thing to note is the game against Bhutan is a game that has no impact or much benefit to either side (since both teams are knocked out of Asian Cup Qualifying).

Peta Segrt can use the game to understand young talented players rather than counting on players like Imran and Ashfaq. What’s misleading here is talking about building a team but depending on old players.

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  1. You guys maybe experts in reporting sports. But none of your report includes a valid research from which your critisizm comes.

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