Maziya 2 – 2 Green Streets: Illia shines with dramatic free kick in the last minute

Greens Streets came from behind to hold defending champions Maziya SR in the STO Male League with 2-2 by a dramatic last minute free kick by Illia Sobol on Sunday evening.

Newly signed deadly striker Cornelius Stewart scored twice to Maziya; in the 18th minute of the game and just 10 minutes for the final whistle. Even though it looked a one way game for Maziya with a 2-0 at 80 minutes, Suzains Green Street was not in a mood to give up.

Green Streets center back Oleh Yefimchuk with a thunderbolt shot made his side back into the game in the dying minutes. Later in the 90th minute Illia scored the equalizer from a dramatic free kick.

Green Streets will face TC Sports next week while Maziya will be facing mighty New Radiant in their next game.

Cornelius Stewart with two goals was named the Man of the Match.

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