Blues complete signing of Akram

A reliable source has confirmed that New Radiant has completed the signing of prolific defender/midfielder Akram Abdul Ghanee, as the former champion is aiming to strengthen the squad ahead of new season. Akram played an integral part this year in Valencia’s run to win FA Cup.

Akram joined Valencia in mid season transfer of 2014 from New Radiant after a historical season with Blues in 2013, where they won all domestic tournaments and reached Quarter Finals of AFC Cup.

New Radiant are believed to be in the process of a major takeover from a group of businessmen and in talks with key national team players.

Yesterday New Radiant has appointed former assistant coach and long time associate Ahmed Niyaz Moosa as their General Secretary and majority of their board members resigned from their post making way for the new management to take over in January.

After a highly successful four seasons (2012-2015), New Radiant looked an average team this year finishing 5th in the league but won 3rd place in the FA Cup


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  1. Welcome back MS! Your sudden disappearance from web was a huge shock for people like us who consume most of the football-related news through this portal. Now that you are back with a new makeover,all the more reasons to be happy about!

    One comment on the overall colour though. Doesn’t the black colour give the site too an unnatural look, a kind of gloomy touch? Why could not it have been a colour which give a more positive vibe?

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    1. Thank you. Your comment is very encouraging. We are determined to make the site better and support from people like you are more valuable than anything else. Cheers!

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