Ranked: Best coaches of 2016

If we look at times where one club is dominating the football season, it is quite easy to pick the best player and coach for that particular season. They both, in most cases, come from the same club; the club which dominated the season
The time when VB was a dominant force and most recently when New Radiant was making a habit of winning games without much trouble, the individual accolades all belong to these clubs
But if we look at recently ended football season the answer to who is going to win these individual accolades it is quite a hard question to answer
The three major titles were won by three different clubs. TC, with their squad and their dominant performances in the season, was unfortunate to have finished the season empty handed. They came second best in all competitions
Valencia was heading right at the bottom when all of a sudden something “magical” happened and saved their miserable season with FA Cup title in their hand
Eagles had an inconsistent season but always a threat to their opponents finally had their hand on their first title and what better title than country’s most prestigious one to start with
Maziya looked to be on course to finish the strongest in the season with a squad too strong that their second tier players can easily win games. But they conquered the league and surrendered the rest, quite unremarkably
So, if we are to pick the best coach of this season, who’s that going to be? Here is our ranking
5. Ahmed Athif, United Victory
This is United Victory’s first season in the top flight and very few gave them a chance of even surviving in the league but their progression with the big boys was beyond the expectations. They finished fourth in the league. That’s a better position than former league champions New Radiant and Valencia. They proved their position in the league is no hoax buy reaching the semi-finals of both FA Cup and President’s Cup.
4. Mohamed Iqbal, Club Valencia
With such an experienced and strong squad, Valencia should be fighting for titles in all competitions but they nearly survived relegation play-off in the league, finishing 6th. However, the pinnacle for a club in a season is to advance to the AFC Cup and Valencia did just that. Nothing more. There were rumours of salary issues and it all looked true when the club was unable to record a single win the final round of Dhivehi League but things were sorted out just in time for the FA Cup and the results are the proof.
3. Ali Suzain, Maziya S&R
Their squad is so strong they weren’t afraid to announce their ultimate goal of matching the record of winning all domestic tournaments set by New Radiant in 1997 and 2013. But not everything went as planned that Maziya started the campaign so well but hit the turbulence in the middle of their journey. Eagles and TC gave a rough ride to Maziya in the league that despite the signing of “man of steel” they had to fight their teeth off to claim the prize. Failure to reach even the finals of the remaining two competitions it is obvious the season as ended not the way they have anticipated.
2. Mohamed Nizam, TC Sports
Finished their second season in top flight empty handed but if we look at the whole campaign TC is certainly very consistent. Unlike most other clubs, they did not have ups and downs but what they missed is a major push when necessary. Lost the league title to Maziya, despite having the opportunity to go ahead in the run. When they face Valencia in the final, they were the team in top form but failed to stop a suddenly rejuvenated Valencia side. The same happened in the President’s Cup final. Despite number of high profiled players, TC just missed that final push in crucial games.
1. Ihusan Abdul Ghanee, Eagles
It has been few years everyone believe that Eagles is not a small team anymore. But very few expected them to clinch a major title in a near future. But when all that happened, it is fair to say that very few are surprised. They were so dominant in the league in the early rounds, after Maziya they are the team that spent most of the time on top of the league. In a rough ride a lack of concentration even for a second become costly and that’s exactly what happened to them in the league. Both Maziya and TC took full advantage of that. FA Cup is a knock out tournament and one bad day at office they were finished. But unlike TC Sports, Eagles learnt their mistakes and came stronger and more mature in the President’s Cup and deservedly claimed the title of country’s most prestigious tournament. The biggest achievement for them is that it comes from a team they BUILT not BOUGHT.

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