MS vital for Maldivian football says Popov

Former national team and New Radiant coach Velizar Popov has branded an essential part of Maldivian football. Sending his  well wishes on the site’s re-launch, Popov said in the past the site has played a key role in spreading Maldivian football news and he is confident with the re-launch the site will become an important part of every local footballer in the country.

“I am very happy to know the site is re-launching. I have experienced the importance of this site during my time as New Radiant and National Team coach and I know how much the players look forward to the site to spread news about football” Popov, who recently coached Malaysian Super League side Kelantan said.

Popov also sent his best regards to all the players and fans in Maldives.

In a recent interview with, Popov branded Maldives as one of the best countries he coached and pointed out players like Ashfaq and Imran as the best players he coached.

Popov spent a hugely successful season with New Radiant in 2013, winning all domestic games and reaching the quarter finals of AFC Cup.

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