Blues keeps eye on Imran

Maziya keeper Imran Mohamed, who retired from national team duty this year, is in talks with clubs to make a final decision on his next move. Imran played a vital role in Maziya’s maiden league triumph this year has stated that it is early to make a decision.

“It’s too early to make a decision, I have some offers on the table and I am in talks with relevant parties” Imran said.

When asked about the chance of seeing in another club, Imran responded says “There is a chance of seeing in another club” can confirm that both Maziya and New Radiant are in talks with Imran for his signature for next season.

Imran, a serial winner, has won all major club trophies and on top of that has won SAFF Championship in 2008. He also featured for New Radiant in their AFC Cup quarterfinals run in 2013.

Imran, who carries a colorful history with both New Radiant and Victory, has also played for VB Sports and most recently for Maziya.

Imran, retired from national team after guiding them to Asian Cup qualifying stage.

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