One of the biggest and historic Club in Maldives football, Victory Sports club failed to show up for the match last night against league leaders TC Sports Club in Dhiraagu Dhivehi Premier League.

Due to their ongoing financial problems, Team top management has decided not to play any more unless the problem is resolved. Victory did not take any practice sessions since the League was delayed for SAFF Suzuki Cup.

Team Head Coach, Laslo Kiss has already departed due to monthly salary issues and foreign midfielder Kim Elgaard of Denmark also has departed before the league resumed after the break due to the same problem.

Club has failed to pay the players for several months and players refuse to participate in any practice before their wages are paid. They had difficulties preparing the squad for their last match against Maziya too.

Speaking exclusively to, Club Captain Shafiu Ahmed has said, although the players and the officials are ready to play, the top management has informed them not to play unless their problems are dealt with.

We are ready to play. But also we will respect top management’s decision. -Shafiu-

Team Manager Ahmed Gaalib also said, they were ready to play at any cost, but the active board members has instructed them not play anymore. The Club will come back as soon as the matter is soothed. He added.

As they did not show up, TC Sports will be rewarded with 3 points and 2 goals and they will extend the gap between Newradiant to 5 points. Victory will be fined by 25,000/- Maldivian Ruffiyya for this behavior.

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