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Senior players hit out at Petar Segrt

Senior players of Maldives National Team has hit out at head coach Petar Segrt after his baseless comments in the press conference to defend himself and FAM over the poor performance of Maldives in the ongoing SAFF Suzuki Cup 2018. Maldives, being in group B with only three teams including Sri Lanka, could only manage to qualify for the semifinal with a coin-toss. Maldives failed to win a single game or even score a goal making it the worst result in the history of Maldivian football in SAFF Championship.

According to players who spoke to after Segrt’s comments on Tuesday’s press briefing, Segrt refused to meet the players. Maldivesoccer decided to keep the names of the players anonymous to protect them from further pressure from Segrt.

“Coach refused to talk the players when we wanted to discuss some serious matters. Ofcourse, he is staying with us and we meet him every day, but he refused to talk or listen to our concerns”.

To be very honest, almost all the players hate him, we want him to be sacked immediately. We are not playing for him, but we are playing for our nation and for our pride

Just 24 hours ahead of the game against Nepal in the semifinal, Segrt on Tuesday expressed himself over protecting the current FAM Administration rather than focusing on the semifinal.

“I (Will) protect my president Bassam Because (he) brought me. If someone wants his position, I must stand and help my president” Segrt said in the press conference.

Players told Maldivesoccer that almost all the players were shocked by what he told to the media today. Players believe that Segrt is more focused on defending his position by pleasing the administration of FAM.

Maybe he is here to protect Bassam, but we are not here to protect Bassam. We are here to play a good football and to make Maldives proud which we cannot do with this coach

“He don’t have any plan B. We still cannot believe why Naiz, Fasir and Hamza couldn’t start against India. They were in their top form and we had to win that game at any cost but we still don’t know what’s the plan of coach. One we are very sure is he don’t have any plan B for the game”.

Segrt also said today that his assistant coach Shakir and himself are having a good relationship . But players denied it.

“No. he hates Shakir. He don’t even want Shakir here in the team”.

Segrt has continued joking and making exuses regarding Ashfaq’s omission from the team. Players believes that Maldives could not have struggled to find the back of the net if Ashfaq was in the team.

“Segrt hates Ashfaq. He has some personal grudge against Ashfaq. He wanted to prove everyone that he can easily win SAFF Cup without Ashfaq. But his plan didn’t work as he expected. We miss Ashfaq here”.

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