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Faisal: Savior of Maldives

Coach Sergt’s plan was to score goals, but against Sri Lanka in last night’s game, Mohamed Faisal was the saviour for the Maldives. Without his heroic saves, Maldives would be at least three down and would face a serious humiliation against a team Maldives defeated 10 – 0, five years back.

After former national team captain and best goal keeper Maldives ever had, Imran retired from International football, Faisal filled in his shoes. Faisal is the reserve keeper in New Radiant and most did not have the full trust in him. But last night he proved his critics wrong by making those fabulous saves.

After the match, speaking to the SAFF media team, Faisal said that the team’s whole focus was to play a pressing game and attack. The midfield left too many gaps and that’s the reason for Sri Lanka to attack in the second half.

Faisal was awarded the most valuable player of the match last night.

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