The forty years old Oscar Bruzon Barreras from Spain signed New Radiant SC midseason 2017. He had just four games in hand to conclude Male League 2017 after taking over.

He had a good relationship with maldivesoccer and on his first interview as the head coach of New Radiant he promised that he will change the style of play and he will try his best to win the Dhivehi League to find a slot from AFC Cup 2017. As he promised, he won Dhivehi League 2017 and qualified New Radiant for the AFC Cup.

Oscar Bruzon Barreras is all set to join Bashundhara Kings camp for the upcoming Bangladesh Premiere League (BPL) 2018 campaign.

As Oscar quit New Radiant, Maldivesoccer once again spoke him about his time in Maldives. Bellow is the summary of Oscars exclusive interview to maldivesoccer.

You had a very good time here in Maldives with New Radiant SC. It was a surprise to hear you quit. What happened?

It was a personal decision based in one very intense year where the Club has lifted all the domestic trophies.

How would you describe the time you spent here in Maldives?

I only have good words to all the football family at Maldives including our team opponents where I really left good friends.

Also thankful to all the professionals I have worked with. Coaches, Manager, Staff, Board members and management have always been really kind and respectful with the football ideas we brought.

What would be the most amazing memories you left here?

I will kept forever in my memories lifting 4 trophies in a row for a Club that adopted a different football style.

How do you see the future of New Radiant?

I hope and know there will be continuity in the project lead by Mr. Ziyad our Chairman and I can only see a bright future for this prestigious Club. Nowadays, New Radiant still has the best players.

And about the fans, definitely the fans are the biggest asset of the Club and I feel proud to have received only warm and support from their side.

Ashfaq played a vital role during your time here in Maldives with blues. And he in the last transfer window? What do you think of his departure?

I always say that Ashfaq is (not was) a top class player and heritage of Maldives Football.

You had your own control when you face Aizawl in the final group stage game of AFC Cup 2018. Everyone was expecting New Radiant to qualify for the knockout stage, but your side couldn’t make it.

That was painful as feel we were the strongest side of the group. But I hope next year the team can learnt from it and qualify to the knock out stage.

Any regrets in your time here in Maldives as the Head Coach of New Radiant?

I would like to leave in a positive note. Overall I think it was a good year for all of us.

Thank you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

I hope live give the chance to come back to Maldives in the future and meet again my friends that from today are the persons that have worked with. Thank you everyone.

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