Towards personal benefit, football is hopeless

Football Association of Maldives (FAM) has become just a laughing stock in the country. One day they are aiming to build a national team focusing on youth players, the next day they sacrificed the best possible opportunity for youth to gain international experience by not participating in Asian Games. One day they say winning SAFF championship is not a priority, the next day they announce an international tournament (that will cost millions) to prepare the team for SAFF championship.

One day they announce Maldives first national football academy, the next day they lay foundation stone of that academy but there is no strategy or plan on how to run this academy.

One day they claim their league format is the best and gives island based teams an equal opportunity to compete with country’s best the next day they announce a two month league break that not only kills the momentum of the league but also adds an unexpected and unplanned millions in operational costs.

FAM wants people to think they have full power in making decisions on footballing matters but in truth the organization has no power at all. They are suppose to make decisions for the betterment of football in this country but they don’t even have the control on country’s only AFC approved football stadium.

They can keep talking about towards future or Saudi led organization but in their mind they only think about gaining some personal benefit.

Football is hopeless in Maldives.

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  1. Saudi Arabia is not good at football and is worst at organising things.they can not even organise a birthday party for fifty people with out their heads exploding. All they have is a great deal of money. Enough to fill the pockets of lazy executes in FAM.

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