Oscar future with blues uncertain

Tuesdays 2-1 win over Maziya SR in the final game of Male League is 35th win for Oscar Bruzon as the head coach of New Radiant in less than one year. He has marked a record of 81 percent wins for Blues with him!

Speaking exclusively to Maldievsoccer, Oscar expressed his satisfaction over how things turned positive since his arrival last year.

“Satisfied to have an excellent batch of players showing on the pitch our game ideas and model settled by Mr. Ziyad, who was interested in bringing the Spanish way to play to Maldives which is more elaborated and less direct and fortunately nowadays New Radiant is playing under this approach”.

Oscar arrived Male to take over New Radiant on June 2017 and it was just four games to finish the Male League 2017. He only managed to win just one game out of his first five games in Maldives.

Blues finished third in the Male League, but Oscar vowed that things will change into his Spanish style in time, and yes, he proved his words with winning all four tournaments. Oscar praised to everyone around him for the success in the last few months.

“I have great professionals all around, players, officials, coaching staff and management have walked with cohesion towards the objective”.

Our fan base have come in good numbers and with great support in many of our important games which keep us proud and focus on delivering to them too

Under Oscar’s guidance, Blues win 35 games out of the 43 he played including winning against regional giants Bengaluru FC in the AFC Cup group stage. New Radiant, as the champions of Dhivehi Premier League 2017 is set to face Champions of Minivan Championship 2018 Thimarafushi football club Next week in the opening game of Dhivehi Premier League.

Less than a week to kickoff Primer League, and despite having a contract with Blues till the end of football season 2018, Oscar is uncertain about his future with the blues. He refused to talk about the future at the moment.

Under Oscar’s guidance Blues has crowned all local trophies namely Male League 2018, Dhivehi League 2017, FA Cup 2017 and the prestigious Presidents Cup 2017 in less than one year.

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