TC Sports 1-1 United Victory

United Victory has been almost ruled out from Dhivehi Primer League as they failed to win against TC Sports on Saturday. The only narrow mathematical chance for UV to qualify now is winning upcoming two games with a dozen of goals and Green Streets losing the upcoming two games.

United Victory started strong against TC Sports on Saturday and dominated the game. But they could only score one goal and TC Sports also scored a goal to share points.

Having final two games in hand, UV is placed second from bottom with just eight points. Their final two games are against Club Eagles and Club Valencia. Valencia has already been out of the Premier League.

TC Sports is on third with 19 points. Their final two games are against Victory SC and New Radiant. New Radiant needs just a point from their final three games to crown the championship. New Radiant will face Valencia today, and if New Radiant don’t lose against old rivals Valencia today, they will secure the league title having two games in hand.

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