Referees to Boycott officiating upcoming games

Football Assorsiation of Maldives’ referees will boycott officiating all upcoming games unless all due payments are made. According to reliable information local referees has not been paid since 2015.

Speaking to Maldivesoccer, some referees who wish to remain anonymous said that all referees has decided to quit officiating the upcoming games of Male League and Veterans Tournament unless they are paid.

“We are not going to officiate any game unless we are paid. We have informed the federation about this as well”.

Maldivesoccer understands that FAM has decided to use foreign referees for the upcoming games as local referees boycotted.

“It seems FAM has no money when they have to pay us. But they can pay food, accommodation and salary for foreigners. For foreigners they are spending ten times more than what they pay us”. A senior referee told Maldivesoccer.

Football Association of Maldives imported referees for Minivan Championship 2018 and Dhivehi Premier League 2017 as well. But after a lot of controversies over the level of imported referees last season with foreign referees some games were even halted.

No official from FAM was available to comment in the issue.

Maldivesoccer understands that General Secretary of FAM, Hussein Jawaz left the referees WhatsApp group after most of the referees raised their concerns over the outstanding payments.

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