New Radiant 4-1 Green Streets

New Radiant moved three points clear at the top of the Male League on Monday afternoon beating Green Streets 4-1.

After Ali Ashfaq opened the scoring for Blues just two minutes into the game, he doubled the score in the 19th minute. Ali Fasir made his name too on the score card before the half time.

Hamza Mohamed scored the fourth goal for the Blues, in the second half and Illia Sobol scored the only goal for the Green Streets taking advantage by a mistake of goalkeeper Faisal.

With the two goals against Green Streets, Ashfaq is now on the top of the goal scorers list with 14 goals from all games including AFC Cup matches. Ashfaq was later declared the man of the match.

New Radiant won 6-1 against Green Streets in the first round clash.

With the easy win against Green Streets, New Radiant cleared three points on the top of the table. Green Streets is on the third from bottom with eight points from eight games.

New Radiant will face, Victory in their next game and Green Streets will go against United Victory in their next game.

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