Ali Azim slams Petar Sgrt for poor player management

Former President of Football Association of Maldives (FAM) slams national team coach Petar Segrt for his ill treatment on Maldives football legend Ali Ashfaq.

Segrt, just days into his tenure as Maldives national team coach, stripped captaincy off Ali Ashfaq and banned the player from national team for not attending a pre match press conference.

Ali Azim wrote on his facebook that Ali Ashfaaq is a national treasure that must be cherished forever. Azim, who also managed New Radiant in 2005 when the club reached AFC Cup semi final also said Ashfaq should be given the chance to retire and fans should be given the chance to bid farewell.

Petar Segrt is under immense criticism within football fraternity for poorly handling situations that has created more problems.

Petar Segrt and FAM announced that they are building a team for future and rather than giving opportunity to young players he invited the retired 37 year old goal keeper to join his squad, which the player rejected.

He also omitted the most promising young player Naaiz for his first game in charge, a friendly against Singapore. But later included the player in the squad facing Bhutan and he scored four goals.

Earlier Green Streets coach Ali Suzain, former assistant coach of National Team and current Maziya coach Ismail Mahfooz also criticized Segrt for his extremely poor handling of senior players.

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  1. I agree with Ali Azim, Ashfaq career should not end like this. He deserves respect and to end his career like this will be disastrous. The legend’s farewell match must be celebrated, special event should be held to thank him for contribution he made. After all I don’t expect to find any one that even come close to Ashfaq in prowes ,cunning,deadly speed with the ball,dribbling skills. he is natural born footballer. Fans should be given a chance to say a proper good bye. To the legend ‘IRON MAN’ aka Dhagadey .

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