Suzain demands public apology from Segrt

Green Streets coach Ali Suzain demanded national team coach Petar Segt to issue a public apology for the way he handle Ali Ashfaq recently.

Segt stripped off captaincy from Ashfaq and banned from national team after the player didn’t appear for the press conference of last month’s game against Bhutan.

Speaking ahead of their Male’ League game Suzain said coach he will not accept the way he treated Ashfag, who Suzain believed is the most influential player in the country.

Suzain said he never missed a national team game played in Male’ for the last 39 years but did not attend the game against Bhutan in protest of the way Segat treated both Ashfaq and Ashad Ali.

Ashad Ali who later appeared in the press conference retired from national team duty hours before the kick off after knowing Segat has stripped captaincy from him as well.

Suzain said he spoke with FAM president Bassam regarding the issue.

Suzain also questioned how well Ashfaq was briefed about the press conference and stated that those who fail to manage him are real failures. Suzain reminded that during his time as national team manager he convinced Ashfaq to face international media.

Petar Segt face immense pressure and criticism for the harsh treatment he gave to two key players ahead of a game, which literally has no benefit to the players.

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  1. Says a coach who has not won a trophy recently. If he is so good, why does not male’s top teams hire him. He has to settle for a mediocre team like Green Street.

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