Ashfaq was treated like rubbish yet FAM remains silent

There is no sports personality as decorated as Ali Ashfaq in the Maldives and he was treated like a piece of rubbish recently but Football Association of Maldives (FAM) has never said anything regarding the matter. Shame!

We all know the level of football management in the country, the number of people attended to watch Maldives thrash Bhutan gives a clear indication where our football is heading. It also shows the strength of FAM in marketing these games.

Petar Segret, just few weeks as Maldives national team coach, took some unnecessary decisions. Banning Ashfaq from the squad is one, stripping off captaincy band from Ashad Ali is another.

We were facing Bhutan in a game that has so little to play for and there is no reason for coach to act so harsh on players who sacrificed so much in the past.

May be the coach was not well informed of Maldivian football and players. Or he was just executing decisions taken by some influential people in football community.

Whatever is happening inside national team camp, Maldivians would not accept the way Ashfaq case was handled by the coach.

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  1. Coach is making an example of Ashfaq.He is been severely punished as a warning to other players not to do the same thing.

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