Off-Season, most exciting period of Maldivian football

When the season ends and the rumors of changing club’s management and players’ transfers are the period the loyal fans follow their club and that’s their most exciting period.

Some clubs are certain to achieve success in the season with news of players they are signing. Everyone seem to have something to talk about football during that period.

For example, in the past a club signed a former Barcelona player and everyone went wow but expectations hit rock bottom when they see the player kicks the ball with his shin pad.

What fans read on news make them super excited but reality is well checked when the season kicks off and soon the season sees two clubs dominate. Other clubs with sky high expectations soon hit the usual issues of salary, poor treatment of foreign players and the list can go on. Players stop attend trainings, coach and players soon find themselves stranded and unable to reach a management person.

With millions spent by clubs knowing they will not recover the money, the business model of Maldivian football itself is a flop. Hence, they make off season quite interesting.

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