Blues 4-0 Green Streets

Ali Fasir scored a stunning goal from last minute free kick to complete a hat-trick as Blues thrashed Green Streets 4-0 to advance for the Final of FA Cup. With this, promoted Green Streets concludes the 2017 football season empty-handed.

Hamza Mohamed also made his name on the scorecard on Sunday against Green Streets.

As New Radiant beat Green Streets, TC Sports will be qualified for the playoff of AFC 2018. New Radiant has secured the direct slot of AFC Cup by winning Dhivehi League and TC Sports is the runners-up of the league.

The playoff slot for AFC Cup will be awarded to Champions of FA Cup and in case if same team wins both the league and FA Cup, the second slot (playoff slot) will be awarded to the runners up of Dhivehi League.

Blues will play TC Sports in the final of FA Cup on Wednesday evening.

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