Winners and losers of Dhivehi League

Maldives’ biggest league came to a conclusion with New Radiant not only claiming the title but also becoming the most successful team in the tournament history by winning it for a record 6th time. Here, we look at the winners and losers of the league


1. New Radiant

The biggest winner is obviously the champions. New Radiant worked hard for this title not only on the pitch but their management took necessary steps such as signing Ali Ashfaq, Rilwan Waheed and Mohamed Faisal to ensure their squad has enough depth to compete consistently in the tournament. There is few reward for teams that comes behind the champions and sometimes it is a pointless thing to spend big unless your objective is to win the league title.

2. TC Sports Club

The very final games of Male’ League was crucial for TC Sports as a team that finished second in previous year’s league. TC had to fight till very last moment to qualify for the league. But they learnt their lesson well in Male’ League and came stronger in Dhivehi League and surprisingly was the team that gave a real fight to New Radiant and finished second. The second placed finish may come handy if New Radiant wins FA Cup as that will hand TC Sports Maldives’ second slot of next year’s AFC Cup.

3. Kudahuvadhoo Football Team

The weakest team in the league and finished rock bottom yet their decision to go into Dhivehi League with the same team that won them Minivan Championship was smart move. There is no point to spend big if you cannot win the league and in that case finishing third or eight don’t make much difference other than getting the opportunity to play President’s Cup, which is nowadays seen as a lesser tournament. The experience Kudahuvadhoo players gained from their 14 league games will be crucial in next year.


The remaining five teams can be marked as the losers of Dhivehi League for spending big but gaining nothing valuable in return. Teams like Maalhos and Thinadhoo signed players with first division experience for the league and considering their spending and struggle throughout the league they are haven’t gained much.

But the biggest loser of the league is obviously Maziya Sports and Recreation, who could be the second biggest spender but only had to settle for third place.

Green Streets looked like a team that has achieved more than what they aimed for as they lost their momentum in the league.

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  1. Thinadhoo spent and got into top 4, which is a success. Only thing is we don’t know if they can get an automatic qualification for this achievement next year at some level. Top 4 of Dhivehi League shall be rewarded.

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