Oscar prefer to play TC over Maziya to win League

Blues boss Óscar Bruzón has revealed that his side would prefer to face TC Sports to win the league title rather than to face defending champions Maziya. 

New Radiant who is leading the league table needs a point against TC Sports to win the league for a record sixth time.

“Actually I prefer to play against TC than to play against Maziya for the league”.

“I know perfectly how TC is”.

Chances for TC to win the league is Blues losing their next two games and TC Sports winning their next two games. 

TC Sports is to play against Blues and Green Streets while Blues will play against TC and Maziya. 

There is no chance for any other team to win the league now.

New Radiant has won all four games they played against TC Sports in this year. They won 2-1 and 4-3 in the Male’ League and 3-1 in the first round of Premier League.

40 years old Spaniard Óscar Bruzón was the boss when these two sides met last. 
”The final games against TC is going to be a beautiful party for football and lets invite fans for the game”.

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