Turn our back on MDV referees for what?

There has been a huge controversy in the last few months, especially with the replacements of Maldivian referees with our neighbouring countries referees. In some instances, Maldivian referees have refused to officiate the games because of the failure of Football Association of Maldives (FAM) to protect them. There have also been widely circulated reports of unpaid salaries to the referees dating back to the time when current president was the interim president of FAM in the Executive Committee appointed by FIFA. Instead of addressing these concerns, Football Association of Maldives asked for help from our neighbours. After the last few weeks of matches, coaches of the Ooreedoo Dhivehi Premiere League have complained numerous times regarding the quality of the referees. Here, maldivesoccer.com look at the foreign referees who have officiated in the games

Ibungo Meetei

According to Indian media reports, Ibungo was one of the nine referees who were suspended by Manipur Football Association for gross misconduct in 2016 November. The Manipur State League had to be postponed this year, due to the poor performance of referees and the club’s refusal to play in the league without changing the referees

Pradipta Kumar Nayak

Shortly before arriving in Maldives, 25-year-old Pradipta officiated the 29th MCL Cup Bhubaneswar Inter-School Football Tournament. He also officiated Oorja-CRPFs Youth Under-19 Football Talent Hunt Tournament-2017″, KIIT and some other inter district level youth tournament

Akash Kumar Mehta

He was among the selected candidates for “Project Future India 2015 referees back” and officiated in the AFC U14 Regional Festival of Football 2016 University. Just before the festival he took part in a five day preparatory course ahead of the youth festival

Kishan Joshi

Kishan Joshi was among the referees who officiated All India Public Sector Football Tournament 2015. We couldn’t find any information about his refereeing career, but can confirm he did not officiate in India’s top flight matches

Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar officiated 2nd division league of All India Football Federation and besides that there is no information available about his past or present refereeing experiences.

The quality of these referees is sometimes worse than the referees we have in our second division or third division. We wonder, why Football Association of Maldives turned their backs to look out for foreign referees instead of focusing on our talent?

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