Maziya expecting a tough game

Defending Champions of Dhivehi League, Maziya Sports and Recreation will kickoff Dhivehi Premier League this evening against Champions of Minivan Championship, Dhaalu Kudahuvadhoo.  This is the first time both teams are meeting each other.

Marjan Sekulovski, is expecting a tough opener against Kudahuvadhoo. Speaking to, Sekulovski who lifted Male’ League said that his boys will not underestimate their opponent.

“They are champions of the Minivan League and we have full respect to them”

“They have good team and good players and we have to be at our best level to win the match. All players have to give their best because in football today there is no place for playing under 100% of the performance”

Maziya has been strengthened for the league with new locals and foreign players. Ismail Easa and Mohamed Arif are among the new comers.

“I think we signed good players at positions where we need more competition and now no one can feel sure about his place and all players have to give their the best performance always”.

“I believe in all our players and I think we are ready to win first game in Premier League”.

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