Shaafy joins Green Streets

Valencia and national team defender Shaafy has joined high flying Green Streets for the upcoming Dhivehi Premier League.

Valencia, who failed to qualify for the elite competition, are forced to allow star players join other clubs for the remainder of the season.

The new format introduced by FAM has backfired completely with clubs such as Victory, Valencia and Eagles invested in millions for the season has to conclude participation with half of the year remaining.

The new league format allows only the top four clubs of Male' League advancing to Dhivehi Premier League and are joined by the top four teams of Minivan Championship (Atoll tournaments).

It is yet to see how the teams from atoll cope in the league as it all depends on FAM's arrangement for these teams to station in Male' until the end of the season.

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  1. FAM must stop tampering with format of the league every now and then or when a high flying new regime come into office. This is not helping anybody. Clubs with no way of generating their own money and is propped up by lot of well wishers, this is money thrown away!

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