Imran questions FAM’s motive in disciplinary action

New Radiant captain Imran Mohamed has questioned the motive of Football Association (FAM) disciplinary action regarding the incidents unfolded at the end of Male’ League game between New Radiant and Eagles. Imran along with New Radiant striker Gallardo, Djamel and Solah was given supension and fine, while Eagles player Mubeen and official Nimad was suspended with fine as well.

FAM highlighted in the suspension letter that Imran played for Maldives national team for 17 years but Imran today criticised the governing body for failing to reply to his retirement letter sent to FAM last year. He also added that despite giving his service to the national team, FAM has never even expressed their gratitude in any official manner when he announced his retirement. 

Imran also reassured to his fans and football community that he will respect the disciplinary actions taken by FAM. 

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