Sekulovski frustrated with the schedule

Maziya Coach Marjan Sekulovski let out his frustrations over the congested schedule after their narrow win against United Victory, specially over FAM’s refusal to postpone their league games ahead of AFC cup matches. It was no more than what Maziya deserved, despite the heroics from United Victory players. Maziya proved once again what it takes to be the best in the league with clinical finishing from their captain Asadhulla.

“Maziya have played 9 matches in 30 days. Even premier league sides have difficulty in coping with these types of situations.” Sekulovski said.

He further spoke about his fears over players getting an injury and admitted it will not only be a loss for Maziya but for the National team too.

“Maziya have 9 players from national team, next time maybe it could be more. What will happen if one player gets injured. It will be a big loss for us and a loss for Maldives too.” Sekulovski said.

He pointed out officials hesitate to make simple decisions like offside calls and fouls in Maziya’s games and those decisions tend to change due to the influence from the opposition bench.

“Even if they don’t want to make things easy for us, we will still survive” Sekulovski added.

This would be a huge boost for Sekulovski’s side ahead of their AFC Cup Group E clash against Indian side Mohun Bagan on 3rd of May 2017. Maziya won the previous encounter against Mohun Bagan by 1-0 in Kolkata.

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