Sekulovski says full time result is what matters most

Maziya coach Marjan Sekulovski was happy with his team’s 1-0 win against Victory Sports Club and he congratulated his players for showing good performance in the game.

“I want to congratulate  our players as they showed very good performance. Most importantly with the win today and also I want to congratulate Victory, they played good today.” Sekulovski said.

He also spoke about his team’s recent travel to Kolkata for the AFC Cup Group E game against Indian powerhouse Mohun Bagan. Pointed out that his team’s league fixtures are congested and didn’t get enough time between AFC Cup and league games for the preparation and rest.

“Most important is to know that only Maziya play AFC Cup matches here, the other teams play matches after 10 or 12 days. Maziya plays two matches every week.” Sekulovski said.

He further added: “In my opinion playing for a club is very difficult, especially it’s difficult for us. We have to mention Kolkata; we got a very difficult travelling. Without rest we can’t play.”

As he concluded his interview, he spoke about his team’s missed chance in the first half by his captain and said nothing is important than the full time result.

“We had one great chance, and we did not score. If we scored that maybe it would have been a different game but playing well in both first half and second half is not important. Full time result is important and full time result is 1-0. We are very happy.” Sekulovski said.

“No, he’s not low on confidence. He’s a striker, he knows how to score goals. Don’t worry he’s okay.” Sekulovski said after speaking about the missed chance by his captain Asadhulla Abdulla in the first half.

Maziya will play United Victory in the next game in Male’ League on Friday at 1600hrs.

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