It was not a fair result for us says Mujuthaba

Club Valencia Boss Ahmed Mujthaba, says his side was expecting a win against New Radiant last night and the result was not fair for him. Valencia lost to New Radiant last night in the Male’ League game with a goal to nil, thanks to Adrian Gallardo Valdes for the only goal of the match. 

Valencia lies second from bottom with just a single point from three games. 

Speaking after the game, Mujthaba said that he was expecting three points from the game. 

“I was expecting a win. I was expecting three points or at least a point from the game”. 

“We got chances to score, we played well. But this is football, this happens”. 

Valencia will face Club Eagles in the next game of Male’ League on 12th April 2017.

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  1. Valencia were unlucky not to have translated their dominant display into something more fruitful. On another day they would have taken the Blues to the cleaners! Such was their dominance new radiant striker was a picture of raging anger ready to explode!

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