Stewart takes responsibility for the defeat

Maldives National Coach Darren Stewart took responsibility for the result against Palestine at home in the Maldives’ opener for the AFC Asian Cup Qualification.Speaking at the post-match press briefing, Stewart claims responsibilities for the lost.

“I take full responsibility”.

“I think I made some technical changes a bit late and I am responsible for that”.

Maldives chances of qualifying for Asian Cup hit a setback, when they were beaten 3-0 at home. Goals from second half substitutes Ahmad Maher Wridat and Ahmad Abu Nahyeh were enough for the visitors to win all three points.

Despite the humiliating loss in front of home crowd, Stewart was still happy with the performance of the players.

“I am very proud of the boys for their commitment, desire and hunger for playing for the nation”.

With the result, Maldives is placed second from bottom in group D where Oman is leading. Oman won against Bhutan with a huge margin of 14-0. Palestine is in the second position ahead of Maldives with three points while Bhutan is on the bottom.

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  1. The talk is as old as one can remember. We cannot string two passes, we don’t know when to release the ball and when to hold up play. How to do the marking when we are without the ball and when the opposition on attack. How to run to space when we have the ball. We simply don’t know to play it good in competitive football. That’s our football dilemma nobody has been able to solve. It may be because of our sky-high expectations and too little ground work to reach those targets. Our players are, as strange as it seems, in some kind of urgent need to get rid of the ball as soon as possible as if to justify ‘hey dude, I have done my part, it’s up to you, you take responsibility from here’. They are just enmeshed in a web of ball kicking tactic as if anywhere will do. They lack so many things at basic level and the only thing they need/lack is more and more friendlies against better opponents. Only big practice matches will mask over those weakness and fine tune the rough edges. Unless and until those remedial measures are taken we will perpetually produce this kind of mind numbing results.

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