Palestine hoping to rekindle Asian Cup hopes

Palestine is hoping to rekindle Asian Cup hopes against Maldives as they are ready to face each other in the Asian Cup qualifiers. The match is set to kick off at 2100hrs, Tuesday 28th March 2017. 

Despite the difficulties of trainings back at home, Palestine Heacd coach Abdel Nasser Barakat expressed his hopes of winning the match. Due to difficulties at Palestine for trainings, Nassers side camped at Qatar before heading to Male’. 

“In general our preparation was good, but as you know it’s the first game”. 

“It’s hard to play the first game, but we have to deal with it. Hopefully we will get a win”. 

Palestine has played against Maldives twice before where the last meeting was a goalless draw, and the first meeting ended in favor of Palestine.  

“We are dealing with each game step by step. Every game has different preparations regardless of previous game”.  

Maldives and Palestine is placed in group D along with Bhutan and Oman. Oman will start the Group D campaign against Bhutan in Muscat and in the group’s second match, the Maldives will host Palestine. The winners and runners-up from each group – a total of 12 teams – will qualify for the final competition of the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019.

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