United Victory hoping for a surprise result

United Victory Coach Ahmed Athif says a suprising result may be seen from the game between his side and New Radiant. The match between United Victory and New Radiant is scheduled for today. This is the second match of both teams in the ongoing STO Male’ League. 

Speaking at the press briefing ahead of the game, Athif said New Radiant is the favorites of the meeting. But he believes an unexpected result may come from the game as anything is possible in football. 

‘Despite our poor preparations, we expect a good result. We will give them a good fight, and it will surely not be easy for them”. 

“We do our game plan based on our opponents’ weakness and strengths. But sometimes a negative impact may come from the game”. 

United Victory was ahead of New Radiant at the end of the last season. United Victory finished on the fourth while New Radiant concluded as the fifth team. But all three meetings between United Victory and New Radiant ended in favor of New Radiant, winning all three games.

“We failed to win a single point against New Radiant in the last season, but that doesn’t mean it will happen again. We will work hard to change that”. 

According to Athif, there will be few changes in his line-up against New Radiant. Athif also noted that there is a big difference between the players in both sides. 

“There is a big difference between two sides, especially they have got players who are individually very talented. This is the main difference between these two teams”.

New Radiant started new season with a comfortable 3-1 win against Victory and will go to the top with a positive result. 

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