Green Street gives first shock of the season

Newly promoted Green Street handed the audience the very first shock of the new season by handing Victory a shock 1-0 defeat in their first game of STO Male’ League.

Ahmed Rasheed gave Green Street the lead in the 22nd minute. 

Victory did all they can to find an equalizer but Green Street held on to the lead and claimed first three points in the top division


1 thought on “Green Street gives first shock of the season

  1. Suzain, as usual choosing not talk so charitably (or rather boisterously you may say) ahead of new season, might have done all that was needed to fire up the opposition. How many times would he go on and getting shot in the foot! There is no case better than this to explain one man’s foot-in-the-mouth disease over and over again. Year after year. He might have taken a big task of rebuilding at a club that will take time but you don’t need to blow your own trumpet. Let the modesty speak for itself and players do the rest.

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