Green Street ready to upset a giant

New comers, Green Street coach and vetran defender Sobah Mohamed has stated that his target for their opening match in the top division is to at least secure a point. Green Street who qualified for the top division by winning the second division last year will face Victory Sports Club this evening. 

Sobah believes his side is not the favorite for today’s game. But he has aimed at least a point against his former club. 

“At the moment we will think about only this game. We will take one by one”. 

“Considering our squad and the budget we are not the favorite and I cannot promise any trophies”. 

“But we will try at least for a point”.  

Green Street has signed former Maziya striker Ahmed Rasheed, Faruhad Ismail and experienced defender Mohamed Shaffaz from TC. Green Street is also boosted by the signing of New Radiant’s Japanese goal keeper Jun Kochi.

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  1. Soba’s team will do well to defend deep and then go on the counter. Suzain’s coaching philosophy does seem to have lost a bit of its magic; he no longer does evoke a man capable of taking a team all the way through. With Maziya, a squad full of national team players, he was barely able to secure league title thanks to the sporadic brilliance of dhaganday and Asadulla’s emergence from the former’s shadow.

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